Drone Application

Drone is equipped with high-precision RTK, pesticide box, thermal infrared camera, tweeter, and lidar on the platform, which has changed the application scenarios of many industries such as surveying and mapping, plant protection, and fire emergency.


Drone Mapping Service

Drone Mapping Services with industrial 3Dmapping and modeling services from DJI Phantom 4 RTK, we can perform mapping with speed and precision, plan the construction, manage utility inventory, organize lay down yards, visualize substation upgrades and analyze right-of-ways. The interactive digital maps and in-depth analysis empower you to perform better, act faster, and make smarter decisions.

Multi-spectral Sensoring in Agricuture

Drone equipped with multi-spectral sensors make up for the problems of low resolution, low flexibility, poor timeliness, and high professional threshold in satellite multi-spectral applications, which will undoubtedly promote more refined management and more scientific in agriculture, forestry, environmental protection and other industries Decision.

Industrial Asset Drone Inspection Services

Use industrial drones for aerial building inspections, solar panel,  turbines and oil & gas asset aerial inspections, which can locate, identify and diagnose problems of your commercial or industrial assets. All the data is stored on-board, it can be reviewed either at the point of inspection, or back at the office, to increase the overall efficiency while reducing facility downtime.