Extracurricular Activities

For those who want to further their exploration of robotics and hone their programming skills in their own time. We have come up with a few activities for you to try at home with your own Codey Rocky. The activities are divided into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced so you can find the one that’s right for you or work your way through at your own pace. Videos have also been included so you can see what the end result should be.

Happy Coding!


Cutting Board

Create a program that randomly shows bread, fish, a cabbage, an eggplant, a carrot or any other food item you can come up with whenever you shake Codey.

Then press A, B and C to cut the food.

Spark Wheel Lighter

Create a program that allows Codey to mimic a spark wheel lighter.

Press A to start the program. If Codey’s gear wheel is turned in a quick motion then the LED display should show a flame, if it is turned slowly then nothing happens.

Colour Sensing Driver

Create a program that will make Codey move in different directions when it detects different colours.

Press A to start the program and whenever Codey detects the colour
Green: Codey should move forward
Blue: Codey should turn 90 degrees to the left
Yellow: Codey should turn 90 degrees to the right
Red: Codey should stop moving


Line Follower

Create a program to allow Codey to follow the track.

Press A  to start the code. Codey should drive forwards and continuously follow the black line.

Cliff Detection

Create a program that makes Codey scared of cliffs.

Press A to make Codey move forward. Whenever it detects a cliff ahead it should move backwards.

Make sure to aim your IR proximity sensor down 45 degrees!

AI Rock Paper Scissors

Create a program which will allow you to play rock paper scissors with Codey.

After pressing the space key, the recognition process should start. Codey should randomly select rock, paper or scissors and have different responses to a win, loss or tie.


Motion Sensing Bouncy Ball

Create a game which uses Codey’s in-built gyroscope to sense tilts which control the paddle to hit the ball.

Click the green flag in mBlock 5 and then press A on Codey to start the game. The game should end when the ball hits the ground and show a score equal to the amount of times the ball bounced on the paddle.

Jump Over the Flames Game

Create a game where Codey’s in-built IR proximity sensor is used to make the Codey sprite jump over the incoming flames.

Click on the green flag icon in mBlock 5 and then press A on Codey to start the game. Move any object or your hand over the IR proximity sensor to make the sprite jump over the flames. The game ends once the sprite touches a flame.

Smile Capture Game

Create a game using 2 Codeys where one Codey will capture the smile of the other Codey.

Codey A is the subject and once it is powered on, should show random faces, either smiling or not smiling.
Codey B is the camera and pressing A should show the finder frame and pressing B should take a picture.
You win the game when you successfully capture 3 smiles in a row and the count should be reset if you fail to capture a smile during the process.
The LED display on Codey B should show the time it took to win the game.