Agriculture Traceability

South Australia is a very important wine producing state responsible for almost 50% of Australia’s annual production. It is also home to some of the most famous regions, historic estates and the oldest vines in the country. But wine fraud becomes an increasing serious problem especially the very top of the wine market.

AI and Blockchain Solution

The texture of the cork, which is the nature texture of the cork combined with the pressure affect during the seal, is used to solve the counterfeiting problem. These distinguishable textures will be embedded into a multi-dimension vector using AI algorithm for fast similarity verification and retrieval.1)Each cork has unique texture and is hard to duplicate.2)The cork is totally destroyed when opening the bottle, and can not be recycled.3)No additional component attached to the wine bottle.4)The customers could easily verify the authenticity with their smart phone only by taking a picture.

20s video auto-clipping

20s video auto-clipping to show the lifecycle for every win-visibility boost customer trust. All the lifecycle monitoring videos could be retrieved based on our full lifecycle traceability system. Leveraging AI vision technology, the important moments could be automatically analysed, clipped and finally generate a short video that is dedicated for this wine bottle.n By scanning QR code of the bottle, the customer can view customized video across the full lifecycle.

Satellite Communication

Australia, with its vast territory and sparse population, is particularly suitable for the promotion and application of satellite communication systems. Satellite communications can be cross-regional communication, basically covering the whole of Australia. The satellite internet of things can be better applied in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry, which is in line with Australia's major industries.  The company provides solutions for  shipborne satellite communication, Internet of things communication, and other remote traffic communication by integrating ground station and baseband processing equipment, satellite modems, portable stations and Internet of things terminals and satellite network management system.

Shipborne Satellite Communication Solution

It's a service mode of "satellite on-board base station+ wireless coverage". Mobile phones, computers and other terminals are wirelessly linked to shipboard satellite mobile stations through WIFI,and then access the terrestrial network through their respective ground stations and satellite constellations. Maritime users and shipping companies can carry out real-time data transmission with ships in the form of Internet, mobile 4G networks, private networks, etc., so as to realize video surveillance, voice, information, mail, and network applica­tions, and support extended information services and data applications. It can meet daily video surveillance, remote training, cargo monitoring, telemedicine, and other data communications for ships

loT satellite Monitoring Solution

ln order to collect and return the Internet ofThings data without terrestrial network coverage, we provide an Internet of Things solution based on OCMA satellite communication technology. The system can realize real-time data acquisition and image return, providing 24 hours of automatic monitoring. The solution can be widely used in environmental monitoring under unattended conditions to meet the needs of different customers such as marine, water conservancy, emergency and petroleum, and is a preferred choice for various industries to build a safe and reliable remote monitoring system.
Application scenario: Ocean, water conservancy, emergency, oil, etc.

Industry Satellite Private Network Solution

It provides IP-based VSAT satellite network operation and maintenance services for group users and industry users. It is applicable to industry users who have requirements to special network construction and information security requirements such as government, military, public security, firefighting, and energy. According to the customer's needs, it can establish a satellite private network supportng several to tens of thousands of users, equipped with professional and customized network management and operation and maintenance systems, and support multi-level network management.

Drones Application

Australia is a major agricultural producer and exporter. High-tech drones allow farmers, and the drone pilots that operate them, to increase efficiency in certain aspects of the farming process. The company imports the leading  drone aircrafts and provides various application from crop monitoring to planting, livestock management, crop spraying, irrigation mapping, and more.  The drones are equipped with technology like propulsion systems, infrared cameras, GPS and navigation systems, programmable controllers, and automated flight planning. Plus, with custom-made data processing software any collected information can instantly be put to use towards better management decisions.

Drone Mapping Service

Drone Mapping Services with industrial 3Dmapping and modeling services from DJI Phantom 4 RTK, we can perform mapping with speed and precision, plan the construction, manage utility inventory, organize lay down yards, visualize substation upgrades and analyze right-of-ways. The interactive digital maps and in-depth analysis empower you to perform better, act faster, and make smarter decisions.

loT satellite Monitoring Solution

Drone equipped with multi-spectral sensors make up for the problems of low resolution, low flexibility, poor timeliness, and high professional threshold in satellite multi-spectral applications, which will undoubtedly promote more refined management and more scientific in agriculture, forestry, environmental protection and other industries Decision.

Industry Satellite Private Network Solution

Use industrial drones for aerial building inspections, solar panel,  turbines and oil & gas asset aerial inspections, which can locate, identify and diagnose problems of your commercial or industrial assets. All the data is stored on-board, it can be reviewed either at the point of inspection, or back at the office, to increase the overall efficiency while reducing facility downtime.