Python Course

Programming is magic. It's the ability to create things from pure imagination. We started CodeCombat to give learners the feeling of wizardly power at their fingertips by using typed code.

As it turns out, that enables them to learn faster too. WAY faster. It's like having a conversation instead of reading a manual. We want to bring that conversation to every school and to every student, because everyone should have the chance to learn the magic of programming.


Course Information

Level Course Duration Concepts Flash Sale


Preliminary(Level 1) 3 courses 3 weeks Syntax, Sequencing, While loop, Variable /
Beginner(Level 2) 7 courses 2 months If /else statement, Nested conditionals, Function, Event, Algorithm $240(Level 1&2)
Intermediate (Level 3) 10 courses 3 months String, Boolean logic, Functions and returns, Not equal, Break and continue, Arithmetic $240
Advanced(Level 4) 10 courses 3 months Arrays, For loop, Objects, multiplayer challenge $240

(Additional platform usage fee applies for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Level. $50 for 3 months, $99 for 6 months, $149 for 12 months)

Course Schedule

Level 1&2:18:30pm-20:00pm Monday

  Level 3:     18:30am-20:00pm Thursday

Starts from 12 Aug, 2021.

Where to have the class?

all class will be online(zoom).

How to Register a Free Trial Class?

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