Standard Courses

Standard Courses

Our standard courses have been divided into 4 different levels, and are designed to allow students to have a more in-depth learning experience. Each level consists of 20 classes that will last 90 - 120 minutes and are suitable for children who are in Year 3 - 6. In each class children will learn the theory and be able to put that theory into practice, allowing them to fully understand each topic.

Level 1 Basics of Programming and Robotics

    • Introduction to the World of Programming
    • How Software Controls Hardware
    • Introduction to Neuron
    • Exploration of Neuron
    • The Secret of Codey Rocky
    • Algorithm Sequencing and Modifying
    • Looping and Continuity
    • Codey Rocky's Sensors
    • Conditionals in mBlock 5 and Practical Applications
    • Revision of Level 1

Level 2 Advanced Learning within the Robotics World

    • Level 1 Refresher
    • Use of Mathematical Operators in the World of Robotics
    • Applying Engineering to Mathematics
    • Debugging Errors
    • Programming with Variables
    • Play with Variables
    • Applying all Knowledge and Laserbox
    • Brainstorming
    • Revision of Level 2
    • Open Project Day

Levels 3 and 4 will also consist of 20 classes running for 90 - 120 minutes for children in Year 3 - 6, but can only be enrolled in after successful completion of levels 1 and 2.

Level 3

Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

Students will have much more exposure to extensions within mBlock 5, and be able to explore Artificial Intelligence as well as IR Technology.

Level 4

Practical Real World Applications

Students will gain ultimate expertise and mastery of applications, as well as different interfacing and the linking of hardware and software.